Music Together® Policies


- Class spaces will not be held without payment. To have a class spot you must have registered and paid.
- As always, payments may be made a) online, b) cheque - including post-dated cheques as long as all postdated cheques are included or c) cash.


- Refunds are available prior to first class, minus a $25 administration fee.
After the first class, a refund of half the total fee is available only if notice is received with 10 days of the first class. No refunds after two classes or for missed classes.
- Partial refunds or credit may be given for extreme difficulty adjusting, moving, sudden calamity. Please contact the director. Refunds are NOT given for schedule changes, nap changes or conflicting activities.
- If your class time isn't working for you, please talk to me, as I may be able to accomodate you at a different time.
- I will consider individual situations, but please do not ask to be the exception where policies are clearly stated.


- Make-up classes may be available by joining another scheduled class, when space allows.
- Make-up classes are a service and a bonus to you, they are not guaranteed.
- Make-up classes will be limited to 2 per term per family unless approved by the director.
- All make-up classes must be booked on-line.
- Make-up classes are offered for illness, travel, and other extenuating circumstances. Attendance at 'your' class time is important.
- If you are unable to attend your make-up class, please cancel your make-up class on-line, so others may take advantage of that space.
- Try to make up missed classes ASAP. You may want to join 2 classes in one week.


No food or drinks except in spill-proof bottles/cups. Please take your child outside the circle for drinks. (except nursing/bottlefed babies, or lullabye time)
We ask that children do not walk around specifically with bottles, sippy cups, and rhythm sticks, but also any other object that may cause them harm, or be put into their mouth.
Instrument use must be supervised in children as these are musical instruments not toys, and are rated/graded as such.
If your child mouths an instrument, place it in the wet basket for disinfecting.
All adults are expected to intervene immediately to prevent or stop unsafe activities. For example: running, throwing, jumping over children. Please help by re-directing children back to musical behaviors.
Talking voices of both adults and children are disruptive to the musical flow of the class. Use singing voices or nonverbal means to communicate. No visiting or chatting during class.
Good modeling and participation are paramount to your child's musical development, and the success of your class.
Listen to the music at home - be sure the child hears it regularly.